Very productive variety, with smooth and cylindrical carrots with attractive color. Upright and very stable leaf mass.

Variety with dark green leaves and medium size. Produces carrots with purple color, medium size, smooth, uniform, easy to peel roots and excellent presentation.

Fast-growing hybrid (can be removed for connections 65 days after germination), with a long, cylindrical and smooth root.

A high-yielding hybrid of the Nantes variety type. Strong and robust leaf apparatus.

A hybrid specially created for areas with a continental temperate climate (Balkan Peninsula), which produces very smooth cylindrical carrots, rounded at the top.

A hybrid that produces long, slightly conical, purple carrots on the outside and orange on the inside.

Solid variety, suitable for all areas of this culture in our country. Produces a long, cylindrical, well-closed root at the top.

White carrot with long, smooth and thin root. Very energetic leaf system, high resistance to cultural conditions in our country.

Variety with cylindrical carrots, uniform, yellow-attractive color. Resistant to cracking and good field behavior.

leaf image