A fast-growing hybrid that forms round and hard heads. High degree of self-twisting of the heads.

Extremely reliable and accurate hybrid in the days of vegetation, suitable for fresh market and processing.

Withstands very high temperatures in summer. The head is white, fine, with good self-twisting.

Medium early variety of Clause. Vegetation 100-105 days from planting. Snow-white, very dense head weighing 1.5-3 kg.

A new, mid-early cauliflower hybrid. Suitable for growing in the main season. Vegetation period 70 days.

Medium early hybrid. Vegetation period - 80-85 days after planting. Universal hybrid for summer and autumn cultivation.

Compact plant with good self-covering of the heads. Recommended for planting in June and harvesting in the fall.

Extremely strong plant with healthy leaves covered with wax. Recommended for autumn harvest.

A hybrid specially designed for dry and hot climates. The upright, energetic, dark green leaf system perfectly wraps the heads.

Forms dense, heavy, completely self-twisting, snow-white heads about 1.5 kg with excellent taste.

Forms large heads from 1.8 kg to 2.5 kg, dense, snow-white with excellent leaf cover.

The newest hybrid universal cauliflower, for growing from summer to early winter. David has good self-coverage, which preserves the white color of the heads in summer.

leaf image