Variety that allows repeated picking. The leaves are long, green in color, very fragrant.


60.44 €

Distinguished hybrid in the cultivation of celery for heads, with excellent tolerance to flowering.

The variety is medium late, highly valued by profiled producers due to its qualities. The head is white, smooth, well structured.

Celery ELENA

71.91 €

Hybrid with tolerance to flowering, which allows it to be planted in early spring.

Celery variety giving round bright root crops. Excellent resistance to late blight (septoriasis).

Celery ILONA

60.44 €

Variety with very energetic and fast growth. It has a large leaf mass, dark green, very resistant to climate change.

Celery MERGA

21.93 €

Celery variety, suitable for early and autumn production. Forms a light colored round head with good internal structure.

Suitable for fresh market and processing. Big and heavy tuber. Excellent white solid interior and quality.

Very productive variety that forms very large heads with good internal quality and strong leaves.

A variety of medium vitality that allows harvesting for a long period of time without losing quality.

Celery YUTA

9.69 €

This is the tastiest celery of all the green varieties. Belongs to the medium ripening period: ripens within 170-180 days.

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