"Balder" is a hybrid of cucumbers from the latest genetics of Syngenta, extremely suitable for growing in conditions of minimal sunlight during the autumn-winter period.

The strong root system and the rows of leaves keep the plant strong, which allows a long period of harvest and a rapid transition to fruiting.

Macedonian F1 is a cucumber for early production in greenhouses. Suitable for growing in autumn, winter and spring.

Palermo F1 is a new Syngenta hybrid that is easy to grow. It is used in both glass and polyethylene greenhouses, with or without heating in winter, early spring and autumn.

Strategos F1 is for manufacturers who suffer from problems with viral infections. It is an early hybrid with a strong root system capable of tolerating saline, alkaline and colder soils.

"Tribuno" is a hybrid cucumber intended for spring and summer production in glass and polyethylene greenhouses.

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