Determinant hybrid, grown as a low open crop, intended for the canning industry and for fresh consumption.

Early variety with very good durability of storage and transport. Hard fruits suitable for processing and fresh consumption. Very high yielding.

Frisco is a very early hybrid 60-65 days canned tomato from Clause. Its main purpose is for processing. Also suitable for fresh consumption.

Fruits with excellent taste and quality, very sweet. Due to the vigorous growth and the large number of fruits, the production of two stems is recommended.

Japanese type of pink tomato with excellent taste. There is a strong and open type of plant.

Large-fruited, medium-early, indeterminate hybrid tomato, beef type. Suitable for growing both in greenhouses and outdoors.

Medium early semi-determinant field hybrid. Can be grown without wheels, but construction is recommended.

Early ripening ringless variety with large fruits 250-300 g and attractive blood red color, round shape and very good shape of the fruit.

Ideterminant tomato, very strong plant, good fruit setting at high temperatures, short internodes, very high yield, early hybrid.

NEW early pink indeterminate tomato from Seminis. Designed for growing throughout the season, both in steel-glass and polyethylene greenhouses.

Clause's new pink tomato variety.

Tomato ASPEN

13.26 €

Medium early, high-yielding hybrid type "Roma", suitable for both the canning industry and the fresh market.

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