Fruits with excellent taste and quality, very sweet. Due to the vigorous growth and the large number of fruits, the production of two stems is recommended.

Hybrid type of rum (canned tomato). Strong plant, well leafy with exceptional fertility.

Determinant hybrid tomato variety for field production. Strong plant with excellent early maturity and very good foliage.

Belfast is an early to medium early variety of tomato for production in greenhouses and outdoors.

The plants are compact, well leafy with short internodes. The fruits are extremely healthy, round, bright red weighing 200-220 grams.


Tomato BURAN F1

Early hybrid with excellent wrist rest. Plants are viable with a semi-open habit.

From the new selection of Enza Zaden, this hybrid stood out with its large fruits, which do not shrink even after the 7th bunch.

One of the newest varieties of tomatoes of Enza Zaden, selected especially for the Bulgarian market. Pink fruits - with the typical rich color of "rural" tomatoes of our grandmothers.

The variety is very tasty and suitable for canning. Tomatoes are not watery and have a rich aroma.

The fruits are flat-round in shape and are slightly ribbed, the color is deep pink, and the size can reach 400 g with optimal nutrition, in other words: "tomatoes from your childhood".

Super early, super big. The fruits are over 350 grams in size. The plants are compact, with short internodes and very good flower setting.

New hybrid variety of pink tomato by Enza Zaden, semi-determinant (self-closing on the 4th - 5th wrist). Quickly and together pour the wrists with large tomatoes 250 to 350 g.

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