Magnificent, flattened fruit with a classic shape and a deep purple color speckled with white stripes.

Aragon F1 is a high-yielding hybrid eggplant with a growing season of 67-75 days. It can be grown both outdoors and indoors.

A classic type of hybrid, suitable for year-round greenhouse production. Powerful, healthy, highly adaptable plants with an open habit, with abundant fruiting throughout the growing season.

New high-yielding hybrid eggplant with a growing season of about 60-70 days after transplanting.

Eggplant BIBO

75.48 €

Early and very productive hybrid with a unique white color of the fruit. Small internodes. Powerful root system.

Black Pearl is an extremely productive yielding variety for the production of construction and without.

High yielding, established hybrid. Wounded, ripens in 50 days after planting.

Elongated eggplant, no thorns on the stalk. The plant is very strong, generative, easily sets flowers and nourishes many fruits.

Eggplant EPIC

33.15 €

High yielding hybrid. Powerful plant up to 90 cm. Adapted to a wide range of soil conditions.

Early variety with vegetation 42-45 days from transplanting. Classic type "drop" with a pronounced black color, with very few seeds and almost no thorns.

Excellent for growing indoors and outdoors. Excellent product quality and storage security.

Early variety, new selection by Clause for open production and greenhouses. Vegetation about 45-48 days from transplanting.

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