A highly adaptable plant that can be grown throughout the year depending on the local climate.

Leek "Starozagorsky Kamush" (Allium porrum) is a popular early variety with a short growing season, which is made for growing in summer and autumn.

The variety is medium-early to late, forms large heads, round, slightly elongated with light yellow shell scales with an average weight of 250-300 grams.

Highly productive variety type Asenovgradska kaba with beautiful and dense purple-red color of the shell.

AG 23798 F1 is a hybrid green onion, it does not form heads. The leaves are aligned with a length of 45-50 cm and are dark green.

Onions ARBO

9.69 €

Long day variety with round head, average weight about 220 g. Attractive purple-red husk dense, sweet, iridescent from lighter to darker pink-violet interior.



Late wintering type for areas with a semi-long day. It produces hemispherical bulbs and is a high-yielding variety.

High-yielding, new hybrid onion, forming a bulb with a diameter of over 100mm. The bulbs are covered with a dark golden scale and have a moderately hot taste.

Onions CANDY

329.46 €

Taste: sweet. Size 300-800 g. Diameter 15 cm.

Very hard heads with excellent skin retention and unique dark color. Plants sowing days: 118 Product form: Globe

This is a model variety in onion culture, which offers stable and quality production from year to year.

Long day variety with a round head, with an average weight of about 230 grams, yellow-brown (metallic-copper color) husk and thick white consistency.

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