Jalapeno hot pepper type - the best-selling in Spain, Mexico and Italy. The fruits are 7-8 x 3 cm, very fleshy and dense.

Enza Zaden's highest quality, high-yielding hot pepper. Shakira has long, dark green pointed fruits, with thick walls, measuring 16 cm by 2 cm at the top.

Hot fish

6.12 €

The fruits are fish-shaped, 8-10 cm long, green in color, and in botanical maturity - red.

Designed for medium and late production, suitable for fresh consumption and canning.

Kurtovo pepper is a well-known and very popular and one of the most widespread in Bulgaria, a family of single-breasted peppers.

Pepper AGRUN

12.24 €

Gate type Hybrid, resistant to Bronze. Very flexible to different climatic conditions and production methods.

New variety of light green gate with resistance to Bronze / TSWV /. Strong, upright plant with very good leaf cover.

Ariadne F1 is a new high-performance hybrid pepper with excellent fruit quality. The fruits are straight and flattened with a thick pericarp, relatively heavy.

Strong plant with heavy fruits and good resistance to storage and transport.

Pepper ARON

44.88 €

Highly productive, compact plant. The fruits are light green, three or four chambers, average weight 120 - 130 g.

Pepper ARWAD

37.74 €

High yielding early hybrid dark green chili pepper. Suitable for spring-summer planting.

Balcanica RZ is a variety of red pepper, known for producing high quality, large fruits with an average weight of 130-180g and sweet taste.

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