Balcanica RZ is a variety of red pepper, known for producing high quality, large fruits with an average weight of 130-180g and sweet taste.

Leading hybrid of this type. Early hybrid, with medium-sized plants, perfectly balanced.

Sweet variety of gate for outdoor production. The plants are vital and strong, form large fruits and are highly productive.

Extremely tasty and sweet pepper Palermo RZ is the new hit on the European market. As a leading variety in this specific market segment, it is a symbol of this new trend.

This new hybrid has vital plants, forming fruits of excellent quality, medium size, attractive red color, which makes them suitable for export.

The first light green conical hybrid with resistance to Bronze! When ripe, it acquires a deep red color.

The plant has a strong but compact growth, and the rich foliage always protects the fruit from sunburn. Thanks to the strong root system, the plants are balanced and have vigorous growth.

leaf image