Ariadne F1 is a new high-performance hybrid pepper with excellent fruit quality. The fruits are straight and flattened with a thick pericarp, relatively heavy.

The fruits are uniform in shape and size with a nice white-yellow color. Average weight of the fruit - 160-200 g. smooth, firm fleshy part.

Pepper GIPSY

19.89 €

A unique hybrid due to its early maturity, appearance and taste. Suitable for growing both in greenhouses and outdoors.

Kamba sweet pepper. Vegetation period - 90-95 days. The plants are energetic, compact, with short internodes and strong leaves that protect the fruit well from the sun.

Large-fruited hybrid, Kapia type by Seminis. Designed for both field and greenhouse production.

Pepper KAPRO

69.36 €

Medium early improved hybrid of Seminis type Kapiya, intended for intensive production.

Pepper KAPRO

74.97 €

A mid-early improved Seminis hybrid of the Capia type, intended for intensive production. It is suitable for growing in steel glass and polyethylene greenhouses.


23.72 €

Early, large-fruited pepper, type Kapiya. Compare tod other varieties of this type, Hood F1 is earlier and extremely resistant to stress and low temperatures.


22.44 €

Medium early, determinant hybrid, suitable for the canning industry. Mosino is suitable for mechanized harvesting.

Pepper KUME

33.15 €

A new selection of pepper from the SEMINIS company, perfectly replacing the Karpex F1 variety! Resistance: HR: TMO, IR: TSWV /bronzing/.

Hybrid with strong resistance and high productivity outdoors and in greenhouses. The fruits are straight and flattened, with a thick pericarp and weighing 120-150 g

NEW hybrid pepper from Seminis, suitable for growing both in greenhouses and outdoors.

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