Ariadne F1 is a new high-performance hybrid pepper with excellent fruit quality. The fruits are straight and flattened with a thick pericarp, relatively heavy.

The fruits are uniform in shape and size with a nice white-yellow color. Average weight of the fruit - 160-200 g. smooth, firm fleshy part.

Pepper GIPSY

19.89 €

A unique hybrid due to its early maturity, appearance and taste. Suitable for growing both in greenhouses and outdoors.

Kamba sweet pepper. Vegetation period - 90-95 days. The plants are energetic, compact, with short internodes and strong leaves that protect the fruit well from the sun.

Large-fruited hybrid, Kapia type by Seminis. Designed for both field and greenhouse production.

Pepper KAPRO

69.36 €

Medium early improved hybrid of Seminis type Kapiya, intended for intensive production.

Pepper KAPRO

74.97 €

A mid-early improved Seminis hybrid of the Capia type, intended for intensive production. It is suitable for growing in steel glass and polyethylene greenhouses.


23.97 €

Early, large-fruited pepper, type Kapiya. Compare tod other varieties of this type, Hood F1 is earlier and extremely resistant to stress and low temperatures.


22.44 €

Medium early, determinant hybrid, suitable for the canning industry. Mosino is suitable for mechanized harvesting.

Pepper KUME

33.15 €

A new selection of pepper from the SEMINIS company, perfectly replacing the Karpex F1 variety! Resistance: HR: TMO, IR: TSWV /bronzing/.

Prytania is a pepper-kamba, a medium strong plant with not very long internodes, but with an open habit.

Hybrid with strong resistance and high productivity outdoors and in greenhouses. The fruits are straight and flattened, with a thick pericarp and weighing 120-150 g

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