This variety is significantly earlier than standard violins. Recommended density up to 900 plants / dca.

Pumpkin INES

52.28 €

Strong plant with high production potential, good tolerance to powdery mildew and the main viruses affecting the species.

Enza Zaden's hybrid pumpkin variety. Excellent balance between strong growth and good betting.

Pumpkin variety, also known as "Cinderella" because of its specific shape and color. Very powerful, strongly leafy plant and longer vegetation - harvest after September 15.

Enza Zaden's hybrid pumpkin variety that ripens very early. Also suitable for earlier sowing. The plant is semi-shrubby.

The variety is so named because of its strength. Very powerful, leafy plant with creeping stem.

This variety produces fruits with a size of 0.7 - 1.2 kg with rounded fruits and is a strong and productive plant.

leaf image