This is the standard for high quality. The leaf rosette is short, erect, very strong.

Fast-growing hybrid for viewing outdoors and in cultivation facilities. Flattened tubers with deep red color, thin root.


13.26 €

Escala F1 - A new variety of hybrid radish from Enza Zaden. Characteristic upright leaves and rapid generative growth.

Reliable hybrid for growing outdoors, which forms a round red radish throughout the season. The roots have a deep red color, thin main root and compact leaves, which makes it suitable for connections.

A new generation hybrid that produces roots, deep red in color, large in size (5 cm in diameter), with a perfectly round shape.

The even root itself is perfectly round, standard in size and bright red in color. It is crispy, does not lighten or crack, does not change color when overripe.

Stellar F1 are radishes from Syngenta suitable for growing in autumn, winter and spring. Designed for fresh market (on links).

Valerie RZ is a very fast, flat and round variety with a red color mainly for production in spring and autumn outdoors.

Very large variety for spring, summer and autumn harvest. The leaf rosette is strong, medium.

Cherry radishes are recommended for early spring and winter production in greenhouses, but are not suitable for summer cultivation.

Hybrid round red radish, suitable for spring and autumn growing outdoors and in greenhouses.

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