Celery YUTA

9.69 €

This is the tastiest celery of all the green varieties. Belongs to the medium ripening period: ripens within 170-180 days.

Interspecific hybrid Maxima x Moschata rootstock for watermelons and cantaloupes. Highly resistant to Fusarium on watermelon Fon 0,1,2 and melon F om 0,1,2,1-2.

Spinach FREYA

14.28 €

A European type of spinach with rounded, smooth leaves with a very fast growth rate.

Tomato KERO

11.22 €

Determinant tomato for processing. Oval large fruits. Weight 110-120 g. at size: 60 x 55 mm.

Signora F1 is an early, large-fruited hybrid suitable for spring and autumn greenhouse production.


Watermelon MODELINO

A hybrid with a bright dark green bark type "Crimson". The plant is strong growing with good leaf cover, concentrated ripening and medium early cycle.

Zucchini ALBO

26.01 €

It is an early, productive hybrid, vigorous growth, short internodes and open habit.

leaf image