Arugula Gaya is a mid-late variety, characterized by high yield and resistance to adverse weather conditions.

A variety with a dark green color of the leaves, with a well-formed and compact structure. The leaves are shaped and long, growing evenly.

ICE WAVE is an iceberg for summer production with early fruiting and high yield potential.

Large, nicely curly head with a delicate texture and light green color. Suitable for autumn and spring-summer cultivation.




33.66 €

An exceptional variety offered by Bejo, which is addressed to all profiled producers. It provides added value through enviable quality, rapid growth and sustainability during the growing season.


31.62 €

Batavia salad suitable for planting spring-summer and summer-autumn outdoors. The rosette is finely curly, compact, light green.

Salad AS 106

63.75 €

Butter head salad, suitable for growing in the spring and autumn seasons. The head is dark green with an average weight of 350-450 g.

Atmos salad is an early semi-green variety of the Lollo Rossa type, with a growing season of 30-40 days.


120.36 €

New variety of red salad type lolo rosa. The variety is suitable for growing in spring, summer and autumn on the NFT hydroponic system, but can also be grown on soil.


22.7 €

Bazio is the typical for Bulgaria lettuce from the Dutch selection of Enza Zaden - large, heavy, with an attractive commercial appearance.

Variety with curly leaves, designed for open areas and protected spaces throughout the year. The light green crunchy leaves are beautifully gathered in a good-looking head, standing out with great weight.


20.91 €

Well known salad. Forms a large, open leaf rosette. Resistant to shooting in the warmer months.

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