High yields and excellent marketability. Mid-early hybrid, resistant to Anthracnose race 1 and Fusarium races 0.1, suitable for growing under tunnels and outdoors.

An early variety with a very high yield. The vegetation period is about 80 days.

Large fruits and strong skin. High-yielding hybrid, for outdoor cultivation, highly resistant to Anthracnose.

High-yielding hybrid with distinctly round fruits weighing 6.8 kg. Healthy, vigorous, well leafed plants.

Medium-early high-yielding Crimson Suite hybrid with a vegetation period of 70-75 days.

Watermelon without seeds. Early maturing seedless (triploid) hybrid.

Very early sweet and thin skinned. Extremely high potential for high yields.

An early, large-fruited hybrid with an interesting peel color, an oval fruit shape and an excellent balanced taste.

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