Watermelon ARASHAN

Arashan is your hybrid for direct sowing in medium early and late production. The seeds are large, with a strong start.

Suitable for early production with short vegetation and medium powerful plant with very good fruit set.

With Mirsini you will stand out on the market, thanks to the characteristic elongated shape, attractive external color and unique taste qualities of the fruit.

The Myrto variety is characterized by a slightly darker bark that does not lighten or fade. The fruits are flattened with an excellent rounded shape.

Mirza is a new hybrid for early production, with high yield potential and early fruiting. The fruits have an excellent oval shape and size, extremely suitable for the market.

"Sugar Baby" type of watermelon, with an extremely attractive dark green skin color and perfect oval shape.

Prestige is another high-quality hybrid from the Syngenta seedless watermelon family, which is suitable for both the Bulgarian market and for export.

Seedless watermelon for early production, which will stand out among traders and consumers with exceptional quality and unique taste of the product.

Watermelon for early production from Syngenta's new genetics. Roman is distinguished by its extremely high durability and preservation of high quality fruit after harvest.

One of the most established hybrids on the market, suitable for early and medium early production.

Sorrento is the benchmark for the early production market. The plant is moderately powerful, with balanced growth and very good pollination at low temperatures.

In addition to the excellent quality of the fruit, Yellow Bite will also guarantee you a very good durability.

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