Zucchini ALBO

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It is an early, productive hybrid, vigorous growth, short internodes and open habit.

Super early hybrid (5 days earlier than Eskenderani) with exceptional resistance to low temperatures.

Excellent choice for spring and summer production. This hybrid is becoming a benchmark of high standard with its balanced fruit and high yield.

An early, semi-open habit and medium internodal hybrid, suitable for cultivation from early spring to late autumn outdoors and indoors.

Seeds for dark zucchini of the Spanish company FITTO. High-yielding hybrid, with excellent results in Polish production.

This new hybrid has dark green cylindrical fruits. Wounded, with good fruit set even under the influence of heat, high yielding, with good storage.

EARLY ZUCCHINI Fruiting begins 30 days after planting

An excellent choice for spring and summer production. This variety is becoming a benchmark for a high standard with its smooth fruit and high yield.

A new, highly virus-resistant variety. A vigorous plant with an open habit. The fruits are shiny, light green, with a regular cylindrical shape and size 18-23 cm.

Healthy, well leafed and with a long period of fruiting.

In this variety, fruiting begins earlier, suitable for production under tunnels (early) and outdoors. The plants are compact with strong growth.

Medium early variety. The fruits are cylindrical, white-greenish.

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