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Gherkin SEVERIN F1


500 seeds

  • Severin F1 is a variety of gherkins from the new selection of parthenocarpic hybrids by Enza Zaden - all-female flowering, pollination is not necessary.
  • Extremely strong growth, feeds 2-3 or more fruits per node.
  • The main fruiting variety is from a central stem.
  • The plant is open with short internodes. It easily overcomes physiological stresses, so the fruits are set constantly and there are no moments of poor fruiting.
  • Horizontally arranged leaves for easy access to the plant and fruits.
  • Severin F1 is a highly productive variety of gherkins with very good early maturity.
  • The fruits are cylindrical, dark green, shiny with a crunchy texture.
  • Perfect quality for the fresh market and processing.
  • For high yields it is recommended to grow in greenhouses and outdoors on a structure.
  • Resistant to: Ccu scabies / CMV cucumber mosaic / CVYV / ZYMV yellow mosaic / Px powdery mildew
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