Early variety from the company YUKSEL for growing in polyethylene and glass greenhouses. Dark color, good ribbing, short neck Length 30-32 cm

Early variety with vegetation 42-45 days from transplanting. Classic type "drop" with a pronounced black color, with very few seeds and almost no thorns.

A very early variety of Yuksel. No thorns and almost no seeds. For outdoor production and greenhouses.

Capricorn is a parthenocarpic hybrid (all colors are female) gherkin, forms a large number of fruits. It is successfully grown from spring to autumn outdoors and in greenhouses.


Pepper BARUT F1 (БАРУТ Ф1)

Early variety with high yield. Hot pepper of very high quality! The plant is powerful, with short internodes and a very good knot.

New variety, type "sivria" with short internodes, strong plant, tolerant of colder weather. The fruit is 21-23 cm long and light green in color.

Sweet pepper from Yuksel, type "Sivria" for fresh consumption. Very early variety.

Kamba pepper from the Turkish company Yuksel. A strong plant with a rich knot and high yield!

Capia pepper for growing in greenhouses. Vigorous plant with dark green fruits, red at botanical maturity.

Ideterminant tomato, very strong plant, good fruit setting at high temperatures, short internodes, very high yield, early hybrid.

New variety of red "beef" tomato. Open habitat plant. The fruits are round, slightly flattened, with a wonderful deep red color and weight 300-350 g.

Tomato FENER

79.05 €

Yuksel's new early variety pink indeterminate tomato suitable for spring cultivation. Extremely large fruits of 400 - 500 g. slightly ribbed, without cob.

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