DiPel DF

24.99 €

DIPEL DF is a biological insecticide designed to combat leaf-gnawing caterpillars of the order Lepidoptera.

Nim Azal Т/S

28.05 €

Nim Azal T/S is a systemic insecticide with penetrating action. Do not alternate Nim Azal T/S with another insecticide and active substance.


28.05 €

PREV-GOLD® provides "cross-protection" for your crops!




3.57 €

Rapax is effective against leafroller larvae, eastern fruitworm, small vine leafroller, moths, olive moth, spotted grape moth, tomato mining moth, cotton moth, pine processionary moth.


15.81 €

Biological fungicide with wide application! Active substance: Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, strain: QST 713 1x109 CFU / g, (equivalent to 14.1 g / l)

Insecticide with contact and stomach action.


25.5 €

Wetcit is an adjuvant that contains a combination of natural patellar extracts and biodegradable moisturizing agents.

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