ACTELIK 50 EC broad-spectrum insecticide to control storage pests. It has a contact, gastric effect and has a strong fumigating effect.

Amistar Gold

251.94 €

Amistar Gold is a fungicide with dual system action for protection against the main diseases of Rapeseed and Sunflower.

Amistar Prime

1305.09 €

Cost-effective and safe protection against economically important diseases, suitable for first treatment of cereal crops.


90.78 €

Ampexio is a combination of two topical systemic products, which explains its stronger translaminar action.


21.42 €

Combined contact, gastric and translaminar action. Controls all stages of the pest's development (egg, larva, adult).


242.25 €

Axial 050 EC is approved for use in wheat and barley at a dose of 60-90 ml / ha from twinning to the flag leaf stage of the crop.

Early hybrid broccoli for fresh consumption, for production in summer and early autumn. It tolerates stress well and grows very well at high temperatures.

Eldoret is here to succeed the Sarmalin already known to growers with improvements in yield to quality ratio. The plant has a growing season of 75-80 days.

Escazu is one of the most crack-resistant hybrids. It is suitable for medium early and late production, for fresh market and processing.

Greenland is cold-resistant and undemanding to growing conditions, with guaranteed yields even in harsher climates.

Intello F1 is suitable for early, medium early and late production. Intel has a loose internal structure and excellent taste, which predisposes it to good sales, both in the fresh market and for processing.


Cabbage KEVIN

Cabbage KEVIN

32.39 €

Kevin F1 is a cabbage designed for early production under tunnels and outdoors. The plant has erect leaves, which allows for higher density.

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