Spinach Acadia F1 - flattened dark green leaves, oval-round. 3D texture, excellent for harvesting baby spinach too. Good durability in the field and after harvesting.

The new offering from Sakata, Alexandra spinach is a worthy successor to Clipper spinach, with smooth and round leaves.

Spinach APOLO

14.79 €

Extremely high quality production for quick implementation.

A round European type of spinach with smooth leaves. "Clipper" F1 is well adapted to the Balkan climatic conditions.

Very successful and widely used hybrid for late spring and summer cultivation. The plant is erect, with elongated leaves.

El Giga produces large and fleshy leaves, with an oval shape and deep green coloring. The compact rosette, with short petioles, is preferred by growers and consumers.

A new variety of spinach suitable for both normal growing and baby. It is characterized by thick and dark green leaves, very resistant to diseases and adverse conditions.

Spinach FREYA

14.28 €

A European type of spinach with rounded, smooth leaves with a very fast growth rate.

Very fast growing hybrid, suitable for sowing in August and harvesting the same fall. It has fresh green, large and smooth leaves.

The Helios variety has dark green fragile leaves. Its taste is rich.

Suitable for summer and autumn sowing. For the production of baby, medium and large leaves.


Spinach ODISEY

Odyssey is a new hybrid spinach from Syngenta for production in spring, autumn and winter. It is characterized by high tolerance of shooting.

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