NEW early pink indeterminate tomato from Seminis. Designed for growing throughout the season, both in steel-glass and polyethylene greenhouses.

An early, highly productive, indeterminate variety, suitable for growing in greenhouses and outdoors. It ripens early, about 73 days after planting.


21.17 €

Very large hybrid type "rum" with fruit weight 130 - 170 g and deep red color.

Semi-determinant red beef tomato for indoor cultivation. The main realization of the production - fresh market.


127.5 €

Indeterminate red tomato with very short internodes and therefore gives more tomatoes than a plant.


38.76 €

Variety suitable for long vegetation 7-10 bunches. The fruits are flattened, retain their size until the last bunch.

Early hybrid with excellent fruit quality, very flattened, slightly ribbed, with deep red color and shine.

Large-fruited pink hybrid of tomatoes. Powerful plant with bright pink fruits.

Highly productive, indeterminate variety, suitable for different climatic conditions and all types of soil.

High-yielding pink tomato with high resistance and generative growth. Suitable for year-round cultivation in greenhouses.

NEW mid-early, indeterminate hybrid tomato by Seminis. Suitable for growing both in steel-glass and polyethylene greenhouses.

Wounded, pink, indeterminate tomato by Seminis. Designed for winter-spring production in both steel-glass and polyethylene greenhouses.

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