Alverde 240 SK is a new selective insecticide with a quick initial knockdown effect and long action after spraying.


323.85 €

Architect® is a 3-component optimizer of the physiology and growth of sunflower plants, providing also fungicidal protection against diseases.


82.11 €

Formulation: Water-dispersible granules (WG) Mechanism and spectrum of action: systemic, two-component vegetative herbicide.


168.3 €

Bazagran is a vegetative contact herbicide with a rapid initial effect.


5.1 €

Bellis is an extremely effective fungicide against storage diseases and powdery mildew in apples and pears.

Biathlon 4D fights all broad-leaved weeds in cereal crops, especially those difficult to control (pansy, Easter, poppy).

Butisan 400 SC

143.82 €

Butisan 400 SC is a selective herbicide for soil and early vegetation application against annual broadleaf and wheat weeds.


8.16 €

A new universal fungicide for all vegetable crops, with proven low MRL values. It shows high efficacy against powdery mildew, Alternaria, ascochitosis, rust, sclerotinia and other economically important diseases!

Delan Pro®

89.25 €

Delan® Pro is a fungicide with protective and curative action against fungal diseases. It has a curative effect when used up to 48 hours after infection.

Active substance: 550 g / kg metiram + 50 g / kg pyraclostrobin. Formulation: water-dispersible granulate.

Passat 40

187.68 €

Pasat 40 is a broad-spectrum, vegetative, systemic herbicide against annual wheat and broadleaf weeds.

Poliram® DF

13.77 €

Poliram DF - an organic contact fungicide from the group of dithiocarbamates with protective action against common manna.

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