Medium early hybrid long-fruited cucumber. Designed for spring and summer production in greenhouses.

Suitable for growing in polyethylene and glass greenhouses in spring, summer and autumn planting schemes.

Early greenhouse hybrid variety of cucumber. Fruits are oblong-cylindrical with dark green color and length 35 - 38 cm.

"Balder" is a hybrid of cucumbers from the latest genetics of Syngenta, extremely suitable for growing in conditions of minimal sunlight during the autumn-winter period.

Our newest variety, which has all the necessary characteristics: excellent resistance and high yield.

The strong root system and the rows of leaves keep the plant strong, which allows a long period of harvest and a rapid transition to fruiting.

Bon Odori has tolerance to mildew and powdery mildew and is suitable for summer-autumn.

Variety with a large set of resistance! There are strong and well-developed plants, healthy open plants and long fruits.

Braganza is a strong and vegetative plant, with a particularly strong growth peak, even in cold conditions.

Strong plant with open habit. Quickly enters fruiting in short day conditions.

Late winter planting variety for hydroponic cultivation (Hi-tech). It has longer fruits than Proloog RZ.

Early variety with ribbed fruits with dark green color, short neck and length 32-35 cm. Planting - early spring and summer autumn in greenhouses.

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