Braganza is a strong and vegetative plant, with a particularly strong growth peak, even in cold conditions.

Defense F1 by Enza Zaden - long-fruited cucumber variety without analogue. One of our most competent hybrids for production in all seasons.


Cucumbers DELANO F1

The Delano F1 and Enza Zaden cucumber variety is a hybrid for spring, summer and autumn production in greenhouses and tunnels.

Cucumber variety from the new selection of Enza Zaden. It was created as a successor to Defense, but as a newer one, it guarantees a higher yield of better quality fruit.

From Enza's new selection, this hybrid stands out for its faster growth and earlier fruiting.

A very compact, generative plant with few lateral shoots.


Cucumbers VOREAS F1

The Voreas cucumber variety has a fast growth, giving an advantage in a short harvest of central stems and stalks. Even in winter, fruiting does not stop.

Parthenicarp variety, garden cucumber, guaranteed non-flammable with a length of 16-18 cm. Suitable for early production in greenhouses and under polyethylene.

Short-fruited, smooth, oriental. Fantastic variety of mini cucumbers!

The Kalunga variety is one of the most successful hybrids of Enza Zaden cucumbers in Bulgaria.

Highest number of first-class fruits. Strong fruiting from colts.

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