ICE WAVE is an iceberg for summer production with early fruiting and high yield potential.

Funfix has a very short growing season and a "clean" rosette, with a small number of cleaning leaves, which provides a unique advantage for producers and consumers.

The new iceberg lettuce for production in the summer. Ice Music has good tolerance to higher temperatures and very high resistance to burns.


79.05 €

Julian is your solution for kopf salad with excellent quality and high yield. Julian is a new kopf lettuce, with large heads and an attractive green color.

A very dense leaf rosette, with a large number of leaves. Voluminous and large head with an attractive commercial appearance.


26.78 €

Oleole is the newest Batavia salad from Syngenta. It is suitable for growing in spring and autumn.

As a representative of the new generation of lettuce, Prodigio is also characterized by its high blight resistance (Bl: 16-35EU).

Vignole is a new generation of salads for summer productionng resistance to burning and yellowing.

leaf image