Sulfammo 25 NPRO is an innovative formulation developed to feed plants with nitrogen according to their real needs.

Biostimulant based on potassium and boron for the quality of fetal development, with saccharides and precursor molecules of maturation factors.

Activator for flowering and complete with phosphorus, boron, molybdenum and amino acids.


8.16 €

It is a very complete biostimulant based on L-amino acids, vitamins and oligosaccharides derived from substrates of plant origin, recommended for all types of cultivation.


14.79 €

Very rich rooting of many useful substances to stimulate the rapid growth of roots such as amino acids, saccharides, vitamins, macro and micronutrients, extracts of algae and plant extracts and more.

A mixture of trace elements with amino acids. It provides iron, manganese, zinc, copper, boron and molybdenum, essential trace elements.


12.24 €

Prevents chlorosis of young leaves and defoliation, reduction of stems and reduction of fruit size due to iron deficiency.

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