Parthenocarpen variety, resistant to well-developed root system, very tolerant to stress conditions.

An early variety that forms stress-resistant plants under different growing conditions. The fruits are dark green, crunchy, with a pleasant taste.

A hybrid of the multifertile type, medium resistance, which combines early maturation and productivity very well.

Multi-purpose hybrid, grown for both fresh and processing. Tolerates very well the high temperatures in summer.

Warty parthenocarpic gherkin. The plant is extremely fertile, with short internodes and open habit.

Parthenocarpen variety with intensive growth, which gives high quality fruit on both the main stem and side shoots.

High performance hybrid. The fruits are uniform, cylindrical, thin, dark green in color, covered with spikes.

Early variety for outdoor cultivation. Overcomes stressful situations. Dark color and correct shape.

Capricorn is a parthenocarpic hybrid (all colors are female) gherkin, forms a large number of fruits. It is successfully grown from spring to autumn outdoors and in greenhouses.

Very early variety for open production and greenhouses, with rich dark green color and size 6-9 cm. No cavities in the fruit.

Early variety for growing in greenhouses and outdoors on construction. Dark color and correct shape of the fruit.

Hybrid for growing spring, summer, autumn both outdoors and in greenhouses. Suitable for the production of large fruits for the fresh market and industry.

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