Gergana variety is suitable for growing both outdoors and in greenhouses. The fruits are dark green and reach a length of about 30 cm.

Kurtovo pepper is a well-known and very popular and one of the most widespread in Bulgaria, a family of single-breasted peppers.

Sweet Fish

6.12 €

Sweet fish are suitable both raw for consumption and canned.

Extremely tasty, preserving the authentic taste of Bulgarian tomatoes, Buffalo Heart type.


13.77 €

Rosalie is an indeterminate (stake), medium early, direct variety of tomato. Suitable for growing both in open areas and in polyethylene greenhouses.

This new giant pink tomato variety for 2019 impresses with its great taste and large size. Rosalux tomatoes are round, deep pink in color, ranging in size from 350 g to 800 g (a real pink giant).

ROZAMAX is indeterminate (stake), medium early to late tomato variety. It is a direct variety, with a very pleasant pink color.

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