AGRIFIT FINAL is a liquid fertilizer for foliar application containing organic substances. Agrifit Final suppresses and destroys the development of EGGS, LARVES AND POPPIES


10.2 €

Amalgerol is organic biostimulant who contains only natural products and serve as grow accelerator of the plants, including the root system.

B&B Flow-Fine is a fully balanced fertilizer that can be used as a supplement to a conventional fertilizer program or as a completely replacement.

NUTRIJISA® Calcium - Boron is a formula enriched with calcium and boron ethanolamine to improve the uptake of both nutrients by the plant.


7.65 €

ERGON is an exclusive formulation with a biocatalytic function from the group of physiological activators.

FULVIN® 40-22 is a special formula of organic substances, humic and fulvinic substances, NPK, micro elements and proteins of plant origin.


16.32 €

GLYBET [GLYBET®] is a high quality product rich in glycine betaine, potassium and other organic substances, molasses extract and beet pulp residues.


16.83 €

GORFRUT® is formulated on the basis of NK fertilizer enriched with amino acids to increase fruit size. It also contains chelated calcium EDTA.

HUMILIG® 25 PLUS is a formula of liquid humus extract of highly moistened lignites (Leonardites).


17.85 €

Organics guarantee producers a rich and clean harvest, healthy soils and plants, sustainable results!

JISAQUEL® POTASSIUM is specially designed for ripening and ripening, increases the caliber, improves the color and organoleptic qualities of the fruit.

Organic NK fertilizer Lebosol Aminozole is produced from animal by-products from category 3 material according to EG (VO) 1069/2009, hydrolysed proteins.

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