• GLYBET [GLYBET®] is a high quality product rich in glycine betaine, potassium and other organic substances, molasses extract and beet pulp residues.
  • The glycine betaine content is in an appropriate ratio so as to fulfill, among other available properties, this related to the regulation of water metabolism in cells, improving resistance to stress caused by drought, high temperatures or increased salt content.
  • Increases the ability of the culture to conduct photosynthesis.
  • K + / potassium / is in a mode of complex content together with its organic substances, and the liquid form facilitates foliar application and fertigation procedures without prior dilution, ensuring fast and efficient actions.
  • Its contribution in the initial stage of crop development improves the beginning of rooting of crops, and has an application that stimulates flowering and ripening of fruit, which is active in the stage of fruit development and is expressed in improving the quality and taste.
  • DOSAGE Root application: 0.4-0.8 l / dca. Leaf application 120-150 ml / dca in 40 l of water.
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