Organic NK fertilizer Lebosol Aminozole is produced from animal by-products from category 3 material according to EG (VO) 1069/2009, hydrolysed proteins.

Calcium - Fote CK liquid top for acidic, sandy or light soils - EO-TOP, is a solution of a mixture of nutrients from manganese with manganese (Mn) and zinc (Zn), zinc.

Iron - Citrate liquid top for calcareous and acidic soils - EO-top, is a solution of iron top.

Molybdenum is poorly present in light and acidic soils (swampy sandy soils, heavily swampy soils, horticultural soils and substrates) as well as in drought.

Nitrogen fertilizer solution 27 with magnesium and microelements, foliar fertilizer.

Potassium 450 EC-TOR, is NK - fertilizer solution 3-30. Potassium is poorly available in light soils or in soils washed away after heavy rainfall.

EO-TOR - calcium borate.

Carefree package: anti-stress action with Aminozole® and plant nutrition with nutrients.

Bor, liquid fertilizer for wet soils, cold, moisture and drought - EO-TOP, says Boretanolamine.

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