Powerful plant with large foliage. Good fruit set at high temperatures.

Galilea F1 is a medium-early, determinant (non-starch) hybrid tomato, type "Roma", which can be grown on low construction.

Tomato HTP 11

132.6 €

Large, deep pink fruits with a spherical shape. Compact plant with short internodes.


56.61 €

Ismini F1 is a medium-early hybrid indeterminate tomato, a selection of "Hazera". It is suitable for growing as the first and second crop in greenhouses.

Lampetier F1 is a hybrid indeterminate tomato, a successful selection of "Hazera", combining the taste of tomatoes from the past and modern needs of producers (yields, stability and transportability).

Medium early variety. It develops a very strong plant with the potential for high yields.


145.86 €

Early hybrid. Strongly compact plant with potential for high yield. The fruits have an oval-oblong shape and weigh 250 g.


115.26 €

Medium early hybrid cherry type. Strong, compact plant with the potential for high yields.

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