Medium green crisp leaves/Excellent yield for processing/Outdoor production/Suitable for hydroponics

Atmos salad is an early semi-green variety of the Lollo Rossa type, with a growing season of 30-40 days.




130.05 €

Triple red color, vibrant, slow shooting. Fast growth. Large head with good weight and open growth, red color is at the base of the leaves.

Triple Red Lolo Rosa Lettuce, recommended for outdoor cultivation.

Triple red salad type "lollo rossa". Highly resistant to mildew.

New variety for outdoor cultivation. Forms a raised rosette with a solid and clean base and equalized in weight salads.

Diamantinas salad is a medium-early variety of iceberg lettuce by Raijk Zwaan. The plant is recommended for seasonal planting in open areas from summer to autumn.



Recommended for growing in glass greenhouses, as well as for heated polyethylene greenhouses. Spring and autumn harvest, also for winter harvest.

Exographie is a green "crunchy" multi-leaf salad. It has strongly split leaves.

Our innovation for early and late summer production. Shoots late and forms a large head, which is suitable for both industrial purposes and the fresh market.

Salinas type, resistant to peak leaf burn, guaranteed head formation, even in changing climatic conditions and sandy soils.

Open type salad without head formation, for growing outdoors in spring, summer and autumn production.

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