Our newest variety, which has all the necessary characteristics: excellent resistance and high yield.

Variety with a large set of resistance! There are strong and well-developed plants, healthy open plants and long fruits.

Late winter planting variety for hydroponic cultivation (Hi-tech). It has longer fruits than Proloog RZ.

Cordoba is a variety of cucumber suitable for growing in heated greenhouses, from late February to late March, in unheated tents until the end of July.

Well adapted variety for both soil cultivation and hydroponics. Medium-life plant, open type with 1-2 fruits per node.

Proloog RZ is a leading variety for hydroponic cultivation (Hi-tech) in heated greenhouses in Northwestern Europe, and also shows very good results in early planting in Bulgaria.

Variety suitable for winter and early spring production with strong and fast-growing plants. Veloce RZ handles low light intensity in winter without any problems.

Variety developed for spring-summer cultivation in warm regions. Its resistance to Powdery mildew makes it suitable for early planting in February without necrosis.

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