Ancoma F1 refers to white hybrid green varieties with medium late ripening.

This new hybrid, recommended for spring and early summer planting, has a growing season of 60-75 days.

Early cabbage with vegetation 65-70 days after transplanting. Rounded and dense head, weighing 2.5 to 4.0 kg, depending on planting density.

Thanks to its waxy, healthy leaves and its tolerance to high temperatures, the variety forms heads even in summer.

Cabbage JETMA

23.46 €

The earliest variety from our range with a growing season of 50-55 days. Forms quickly heads weighing 0.8 - 1.5 kg.

Universal variety with large round heads, designed for fresh consumption, storage or processing.

Rapidly forming heads variety with a growing season of 55-60 days.

Cabbage REDMA

33.66 €

Medium early hybrid with a round shape, suitable for growing throughout the season. 85-90 days vegetation and weight 1.5 -3 kg.

Cabbage TOPMA

12.75 €

Medium early variety with a vegetation of 75-80 days, specially designed for fresh consumption and can be grown throughout the season.

This improved early variety is characterized by betting on perfect round heads with sparkling green color and healthy leaves, vegetation 54-62 days, weight 0.8 - 2 kg and improved field resistance.

Round, with attractive curly leaves, suitable for summer-autumn cultivation. Vegetation period 85-100 days, weight 1.5-2.5 kg.

Extremely lively, healthy hybrid with blue-green leaves and good tolerance to low temperatures, which allows prolonged harvesting in winter.

leaf image