Jalapeno hot pepper type - the best-selling in Spain, Mexico and Italy. The fruits are 7-8 x 3 cm, very fleshy and dense.

Enza Zaden's highest quality, high-yielding hot pepper. Shakira has long, dark green pointed fruits, with thick walls, measuring 16 cm by 2 cm at the top.

New variety of light green gate with resistance to Bronze / TSWV /. Strong, upright plant with very good leaf cover.


Pepper DESNA F1

Dolma sweet pepper. The plants have strong growth. Good color development and earlier production.


Pepper EDITTA F1

This is one of Enza Zaden's newest hybrid peppers. It is characterized by its good early maturity and strong growth, which allows to obtain higher yields.

Highly generative variety, very early, bears a lot of fruit. First ripe fruit 60-62 days after transplanting, under good conditions and earlier.

Suitable for fresh market and for processing. The hybrid is a good choice for super early, early and mid-early production schemes with a vegetation of 58-69 days.

Highly productive and disease resistant variety. There are green, shiny, large fruits.

Standard variety for picking green and red type California or blocks. Variety with strong fruiting and good leaf cover for year-round production without abortions.

Long fruits for the fresh market. Dark green, ripe red. Suitable for greenhouse and field production.

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