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Nim Azal Т/S


  • Nim Azal T/S is a systemic insecticide with penetrating action.
  • Do not alternate Nim Azal T/S with another insecticide and active substance.
  • Exactly the opposite. The goal is to increase the active substance in the plant tissue with each subsequent treatment.
  • It works with accumulation. The product has a strong inhibitory effect on the juvenile stages of insects (larvae, nymphs), puparia and pupae.
  • It disrupts the normal cycle of transformation in insects by blocking the release of the hormone - ecdysone in the larvae, thus stopping the molting and transition to another age.
  • It lowers vital activity in adults and disrupts the maturation of eggs in female individuals after entering their body.
  • Therefore, they do not lay eggs.
  • Pear varieties - Alexander Lukas, Bristol Cross, Comice, Guyot, HW 606, Illinois 13 b 83 Maxi, Lectier, Trevouxund Winterdechant - are sensitive to Nimazal and TSF.
  • The action of Nim Azal T/S on eggs, larvae and adults provides 100% protection.
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