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100 seeds

  • The plant has a strong but compact growth, and the rich foliage always protects the fruit from sunburn.
  • Thanks to the strong root system, the plants are balanced and have vigorous growth.
  • The hybrid has a very good tolerance to stress conditions.
  • The fruits of Vitalica RZ F1 have a smooth surface with 2 or 3 chambers, 6-7 cm wide at the top and 20-25 cm long.
  • Very fleshy, with great taste.
  • We recommend growing the VITALICA RZ F1 hybrid outdoors, but also in greenhouses for earlier production.
  • Resistance to pathogens: - Tm 0-2 (Mosaic virus) - TSWV (Bronze) - PVY: 0.1 (Potato virus Y) - XCV: 1-3 (Black leaf rot)
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