Plonar Active - a series of organic mineral granular fertilizers, with completely natural (natural) origin. They are composed of a high percentage of organic matter in the form of 3 complexes and mineral supplements in different proportions depending on the needs of soils and plants. Organic complexes do not allow the leaching of nutrients, and natural mineral supplements make them 10 times more effective than conventional chemically synthesized fertilizers.The brand of organic mineral granulated fertilizers Plonar Active has five ready-made formulations of fertilizers, developed specifically for the needs of soils in Bulgaria, after repeated analyzes of soil deficits in different regions of the country. The product also allows the making of individual formulations for each specific farm again on the basis of soil analyzes and needs of the crops to be sown.



  • 65% humic acids
  • 35% Organic matter
  • 3.5% P (phosphorus)
  • 6.5% K (potassium)
  • 9% Ca (calcium)
  • Mg (magnesium)
  • S (sulfur) 31 mg / kg
  • B (boron) 9 mg / kg
  • Cu ​​(honey) 980 mg / kg
  • Fe (iron) 34 mg / kg
  • Mn (manganese) 1.8 mg / kg
  • Mo (molybdenum) 43 mg / kg Zn (zinc)


  •  Humi active complex - high concentration of humic acids, fulvic acids and structuring carbon (C) - helps chelate macro and micronutrients in the soil, improves its structure and helps retain nutrients in the topsoil in an easily digestible form;
  • Biostim active complex - nutrients, carbohydrates and carbon that help the active development of beneficial local microflora in the soil;
  • Watersave complex - hygroscopic substances that help retain higher soil moisture, especially useful in short-term droughts;
  • Fast Mg formula - quickly absorbed magnesium, available immediately after dissolving the granule;
  • Natural mineral supplements P, K, Ca, Mg, S;
  • Natural complex of microelements B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo, Si, Zn.

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