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Precision digital thermometer with long probe


Practical drilling thermometer made of TFA with extra-long 300 mm probe, ideal for easy measurement of food temperature. Just drill and in a very short time the device gives accurate measurement results. Suitable for safely checking the temperature of the core during baking, the temperature of baby food, the temperature of food prepared in bakeries, pastries or catering, the control of the thermometer of refrigerators and shop windows in the store or warehouse, checking deliveries or checking the goods in the canteen or other objects of the food industry.The thermometer meets the requirements of HACCP and EN 13485, suitable for professional use in industry, trade and laboratory. It is resistant to water jet and can be cleaned after use under running water.


  • With long probe (300 mm)
  • On button on and off Hold button, maximum and minimum measured temperature.
  • Measurement time about 8 sec.
  • Automatic shut-off with continuous measurement function.
  • Accuracy ± 0,5 ° C (at -10 ... + 100 ° C), ± 2 ° C (at + 200 ... + 250 ° C), otherwise ± 1 ° C
  • According to EN13485
  • With mounting bracket
  • Patented TFA design
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