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  • Therawet is a superabsorbent of polymer type that absorbs water and retains moisture in the soil.
  • It is a soil improver that aerates and drains the soil during the shrinking-expanding cycle of its granules during water uptake and its subsequent delivery to the root system.
  • Thus, the soil remains loose and moist, and the need for water is reduced by half - in time and quantity, because the swollen polymer creates a water reserve, depleted only by the roots of the plant.
  • Saving 50% of water is accompanied by a 30% reduction in the doses of water-soluble additives / fertilizers and other preparations / and a 25-35% increase in the results.
  • The improver is absolutely environmentally friendly.
  • TERAWET hydrogels have a long-lasting effect for up to 10 years when applied to the soil once and are a serious alternative to combat droughts.
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