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Tomato MANUSA F1


  • New variety with much better fruit quality and better shelf life, compared with standard pink varieties.
  • The fruits have an average weight of 200-250 g.
  • The shape of the fruit is flat-round.
  • The variety is moderately early and has resistance to TSWV.
  • Recommended for spring culture.
  • High percentage of first-class fruits.
  • Most pink varieties are soft and susceptible to cracking.
  • Manusa RZ F1 is the solution to these problems.
  • The fruits are suitable for extended shelf life, are firmer and do not crack compared to standard pink varieties, and are therefore preferred by traders because they significantly reduce the percentage of marriage and losses.
  • There is no deformation of the fruit and provides a high percentage of first-class production and better profits.
  • Resistance: HR: ToMV: 0-2 / Ff: A-E / Fol: 0,1 / Va: 0 / Vd: 0 IR: TSWV
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