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  • Avant® 150 EC moves translaminarly in the plant and is mainly gastric, but also has a contact action.
  • Avant® 150 EC is effective against all larval stages, but application is recommended immediately before the larvae hatch or in very early stages of their development.
  • Avant® 150 EK also works on the adults of the rape flower borer.
  • Hosts exposed to indoxacarb stop feeding after 1-2 hours, become disoriented, with uncoordinated movements, become paralyzed and die within 24-60 hours after treatment.
  • Unlike other insecticides, enemies treated with Avant® 150 EC do not have a knock-down effect, but they stop feeding almost immediately and do no more harm.
  • Avant® 150 EC has high persistence – the effect is preserved if the enemy passes over the treated area after the treatment has been carried out.
  • The efficacy of the product remains high for up to 15 days after treatment, especially if a suitable adhesive is added.
  • Do not treat during flowering.
  • To be treated upon reaching IPV for the various enemies.
  • If necessary, additional treatments should be carried out, a maximum of 1 treatment for rapeseed, up to 4 - for fruit crops, 3 - for other crops.


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