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Axial 050 EC is approved for use in wheat and barley at a dose of 60-90 ml / ha from twinning to the flag leaf stage of the crop. The dose depends mainly on the stage of construction of cereal weeds. The low dose is used in the treatment of wild oats and other cereal weeds in phase 3-4 leaf. In the case of later treatment and the predominant weed with Lolium sp. (ryegrass, wheat leech), Alopecurus myosuroides (foxtail) or when mixed with broadleaf herbicides is a recommended device at high doses.

Practical provision:

Excellent control of economic wheat weeds. Definitely controlled wild oats up to the weed rotation phase and excellently controlled ryegrass and kestrel. Stops the growth of wheat weeds up to 48 hours after spraying. It can be applied at a temperature of 5-7 degrees, when there is a "growth" of weeds. Flexible dose according to the type and phase of application of weeds. No restrictions on crop rotation and registration in barley Mix with broadleaf herbicides (Lintur 70 VG). Easy to apply liquid formulation with built-in adhesive and built-in antidote. Resistant to precipitation 1 hour after spraying.

Application tips:

When mixed with broadleaf herbicides apply a higher dose. Do not mix with hormone-like broadleaf herbicides based on 2,4-D and MCPA. Do not mix with foliar fertilizers on an organic basis. Do not apply when frosts are expected, in periods of severe drought or floods. In the predominant weeding with ryegrass and foxtail, as well as weeds with more advanced stages of development, apply a higher dose.

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